Sunday, 10 July 2011


The latest version of the Drapers' medal using the most recent interpretation of the Company's coat of arms.  The medal is shown about one and a quarter times its actual size.  The reverse has a laurel wreath surrounding a space for naming the recipient and other details. 
There are frequent references in the archives of the Company of medals being awarded or presented, particularly at ceremonial occasions, up to the 1890s.  Thereafter the trail seems to stop, although a commemorative medal was struck for the Company's 600th anniversary in 1938. 
Last year the Court of Wardens in reviewing the Company's gifts and presentations policy decided to reinstitute the medal.  In a competition Fattorini's came up with a simple and elegant design using the latest version of the Company's coat of arms.
It is proposed that the medal should be presented for a number of purposes.  These include school awards, to members of the Company staff for long service and residents of the almshouses.  For the latter those who are over 85 years old and have been resident for at least five years.
I presented the first medal to schools at Bancroft's on Visitation Day on 1 July, see separate post, and on 14 July I shall be visiting the almshouses for a series of presentation ceremonies. 

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