Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Gareth Clutton's (1960-2011) memorial service was held at St Sepulchre without Newgate in Friday.  St Sepulchre's is the largest City parish church and a centre for music as the National Musicians' Church (For more details go to www.st-sepulchre.org.uk ). It is linked to St Michael's Cornhill as Rev Peter Mullen holds both benefices.

As predicted by the Evening Standard (See earlier blog) there was a very substantial turnout drawn from Gareth's family and wide circle of friends.  The church was full.  Moving the service from the smaller St Michael's to St Sepulchre's was the right decision.

Fiona gave a most moving, yet beautifully constructed, personal tribute to her husband and two of their children, Anna and Rafe, read.  Richard Jonas, who until very recently was Master Clothworker and a fellow partner of Gareth's at Cluttons, also contributed a reading.

Richard Lay, in his capacity as Chairman of the Portman Estate, gave the professional address.  He painted a picture of Gareth that many of us knew along with insights that many of us were not aware.  He described Gareth's life before becoming a surveyor where he had initially tried almost everything to avoid becoming the seventh generation Clutton in his family firm and finished with his appointment to be Chief Executive of the Portman Estate.  Garetth had remarked to Richard that he felt more at ease in a boardroom furnished with portraits of Portmans rather than one where past generations of Cluttons looked down.

Afterwards a very well-attended reception was held at the Hall.  It was a day of emotion but also one of pleasure in seeing so many who respected, admired and liked Gareth coming together to remember him. 

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