Tuesday, 12 July 2011


On Monday the final vote for the election of sheriffs was received.  In alphabetical order they were:

Nicholas Bonham- Citizen and Pewterer - 549 votes
Wendy Mead- Citizen and Glover - 693 votes
Andrew Stephen Whitton - Citizen and Needlemaker - 40 votes: although Andrew appeared on the ballot paper readers of this blog will know that he had withdrawn from the race.  It was thus a most quixotic gesture from those who voted for him.
Alan Colin Drake Yarrow - Alderman and Fishmonger - 1044 votes

The end result exactly mirrors the Common Hall voting but with a clearer margin for Wendy Mead over Nick Bonham.  On balance I think this was the best outcome.  So next year's Aldermanic Sheriff will be Alan Yarrow with Wendy Mead as Lay Sheriff.

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