Sunday, 10 July 2011


The attractively made Innholders' sign that hangs above the entrance to their Hall in College Street situated between the Thames and St Pauls.
I now increasingly feel like a participant in Logan's Run - for those of my readers who do not know the plot of this sci-fi story where those over thirty are destroyed good ole Wikipedia can provide the necessary details.  Most of the Masters' year of office starts in July.  Some are already gone and most have a week or two left.  New faces are appearing wearing familiar badges. The Innholders' Dinner was the first of these where change was increasingly apparent.

The Innholders still have extensive links with the hotel and catering sector.  For more details about the Company go to

A most agreeable evening but one where it is now clear that one's days as Master are now very few.

The flashing palm crystal that tells the inhabitants of the world of Logan's Run that time is up and they are to be eliminated.  Incidentally these covers remind me of my long passed teenage interest in science fiction.  In retrospect although it contained some great ideas it was normally very badly written with only the most limited characterisation..

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