Sunday, 10 July 2011


John Freestone in his Beadle's uniform and carrying his staff of office at the top of the Livery Hall staircase.  The Beadle part of his duties are these days essentially ceremonial but three or four decades ago the Beadle had a wide range of duties including administering the almshouses, relationships with schools and assisting the Clerk in the conduct of a wide range of business.
After seventeen outstanding years as the Company's Beadle, where he has principally led the Hall catering and banqueting team, John Freestone has decided to move on and try his hand as Clerk to the Paviors' Company.

John had extensive experience working in top West End hotels and clubs before moving to the Company.  Over the years he has built up an outstanding reputation as one of the best operators in the City in his field.  He is unfailingly courteous and considerate of his guests' needs and makes everyone feel special.  He also has the knack of running complex events in an unflustered and understated way.  Those who know him know that this is only achieved by an unerring eye for detail and the most meticulous pre-planning.

He is now moving from Beadle to Clerk where I am sure he will be a similar success.  I am most grateful for all he has done in my year as Master and I am certain he will get a memorable send-off at the Election Dinner on 26 July, his final event with the Company.

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