Monday, 17 January 2011


Coat of arms of the Woolmen.
Alastair Ross and myself were invited to the Woolmen's Alms Court dinner on Wednesday.  It was held at Cutlers' Hall, an attractive building near St Pauls with a wonderful display of memorabilia from the cutlery industry.  Go to to find out more.

But to return to Drapers and Woolmen.  In traditional trade terms we have a considerable overlap with the Woolmen although the Draper focus was more directed towards the retail part of the industry.  For more information go to

Simon Bailey, the current Master, and the rest of the Company made us both welcome.  Usefully we had the opportunity to discuss the Wool Project that was launched Prince of Wales a year ago.  This aims to publicise the excellence of the British wool industry at a time of intense international competition.  For more information go to and look for the clickdown Campaign for Wool to find out what is going on.  Also I cannot resist asking you to look at the Woolipedia site

We are at present planning a dinner in April to amongst other clothing industry issues to publicise the work of the Wool Project and we look forward to working with members of the Woolmen court and livery who are already playing a part in this.

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