Monday, 10 January 2011


William wearing the robes and badge of Junior Warden.
I have been meaning to mention that the newest member of the Company's Court, Junior Warden William Charnley has a Twitter account. 

I am pretty sure that this is a Company first but if any reader of this blog knows better I would like to hear.  is quite a specialist Twitter site and deals with William's adventures with fine wine and food.  I am a follower but do not think I can add a great deal to the erudite debate of chateaux and vintages that seems to comprise most of its content.

But Capitalist in City AM  is certainly impressed.  On 19 October he wrote.  'Wine lovers usually pay good money for expert advice on which vintages to pair with different foods, so Mayer Brown corporate lawyer William Charnley deserves a mention for one of the most informative Twitter feeds The Capitalist has seen in a while. Charnley, tweeting as @WC7, is a fount of knowledge on vino, updating the feed regularly with suggestions for fellow wine lovers.'

Speculation is rife on who will be next Court member to go electronic.

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