Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Coat of arms of the Worshipful Company of the Cutlers of Hallamshire
The morning of Tuesday 18 January was the London launch of the Global Manufacturing Festival: Sheffield  (for more information go to http://www.globalmanufacturingfestival.com/ ) at the Engineering Employers Federation offices near Westminster.

The Festival aims to reaffirm the UK's position as a global leader in advanced engineering and manufacturing innovation.  It will be hosted in the Sheffield region and specifically link the region's world famous expertise in high-precision engineering, metals and alloys production to its capacity to play a leading role in these areas across the world.

Where is the connection with a London-based livery company such as the Drapers?  The link is principally because a sister livery company the Company of Cutlers of Hallamshire, led by their current Master, Professor William Spiers, is playing a leading role in ensuring a dynamic and effective programme of events and activities.  For more about the Company go to http://www.cutlers-hallamshire.org.uk/

We value our links with the Cutlers of Hallamshire and the Drapers strongly support science and mathematics based activity, principally in the area of education, that is the bedrock in giving the right skills to people who can deliver innovation and success - see my post on our support of the Textile Textiles Awards of 24 November.

The London launch attracted a number of leading speakers in support.  These included Mark Prisk MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise.  He gave a most supportive talk and got the pulse of Sheffield just right by saying that 'Sheffield and quality go hand in hand.'

A great start with a livery company playing a major part in a key industrial initiative.  Fine words and meetings do not in themselves solve problems and stimulate success but they can play a big part in creating the right conditions for these to be achieved.

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