Thursday, 26 May 2011


A renamed Sheperd's Pie connected to the Overground at Gas Mark 4.
I occasionally follow two informative and entertaining blogs about London's Transport.  London Reconnections and Going Underground - the name of the site inspired by The Jam hit -  

The latter has recently posted the story of a team known as Stickers on the Central Line who are determined to change the Central Line car route diagrams.  These are just two selections from an ever expanding website. 

Although I use the Central Line regularly, I have not seen any yet.  Of course I could not possibly condone attempts to spread misinformation and cause more confusion than normal on the Underground.  Nevertheless as they potentially make travel on the Central Line marginally more interesting, on balance, these 'improved' line diagrams must be a good thing.

An additional service inserted just before Buckhurst Hill.  It has been repported, in I think Metro, that Transport for London 'chiefs' are concerned that French tourists have been flocking to Buckhurst Hill in an attempt to get back to Paris.  I sense there is another urban myth in the making.
I am not sure whether Stickers on the Central Line is diversifying but I think this is quite a helpful sticker when PIXC, Passengers in Excess of Capacity, or Pixie, as this particular form of deep discomfort is cheerfully vocalised by railway planners, becomes pressing.

I look forward to seeing if anything happens!

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  1. I may become a more regular tube passenger as a result of this splendid post