Tuesday, 3 May 2011


In recent times a Court Dinner has been re-established for April and is the one where the Master can choose the theme.  This year I thought it would be of interest to  celebrate the Company's links with the textile world and invite a broad range of guests with from the fashion, manufacturing, academic and trade groups associated with the industry

Additionally when I met HRH Prince of Wales at his reception for the Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal (see post of 8 November) we briefly discussed his Campaign for Wool.  In subsequent discussion he said that, although he could not attend the dinner, he would send a message of support.  We were thus delighted that we could publicly associate ourselves with this initiative and that Mr John Thorley OBE the Chairman could attend.  More details of the Campaign are at www.campaignforwool.org/index

It was also an opportunity for the four Drapers who work in the textiles industry to be involved.  These are Freeman Barry Laden MBE who runs the Laden Showroom see www.laden.co.uk   Liverymen Jane Mather who is following in the footsteps of her father, Liveryman Oliver Makower, in running Makower UK, a textile design and sales business,  see www.makoweruk.com  Liveryman Polly Meynell who is a noted textile designer see www.pollymeynell.com and Liveryman Nicky Santomauro who as managing director of Lavenham is reviving the fortunes of this top of the range quilted jacket maker, see www.lavenham.co.uk

We had a broad guest list including fashion designers and couturiers, UK based manufacturers, academics and members of various trade bodies including including both Texprint and the Educational Development Trust that we support in their promotion of young talent.

Overall it was a stimulating evening and a good opportunity to recognise our roots as a Company that derives its status and wealth from what at one time was England's greatest industry and where is still so much to celebrate.

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