Friday, 19 November 2010


On Monday evening I attended ceremomy at Painter Stainers' Hall where the winners of the Sixth Lynn Foundation and the Painter Stainers' Prize awards were announced.  The prize aims to showcase outstanding contemporay portraiture, landscape and still life from artists throughout the United Kingdom.

For more information about the prize, including illustrations of the 67 short-listed paintings, out of the nearly 800 submitted, in this year's competition go to  I would have liked to have reproduced some of the ones that caught my attention but I think that the site does not encourage copying.  For details about the Painter Stainers' company go to

This is an extremely generous competition with prizes totalling £22,500.  The £15,000 top prize was won by Rachel Levitas with an intriguing picture of two urban foxes in a London street.  On receiving the prize she revealed that recent shortage of funds had meant that she had given up her studio but now she was back in business.

The pictures were an interesting snapshot of up and coming artistic styles in England today.  I hesitate to charcterise but there was a lot of hyper and magical realism with a big emphasis on painterly skills.  It is nice to see that it has received a good coverage in, of all places, the Evening Standard's City Spy column - most recently on 18 November.

General Sir Roger Wheeler, who was Chief of General Staff in the late nineties, is this year's Master Painter Stainer and presided over a most enjoyable evening.

Do, at very least, skim through the slide show at  I think you will find it interesting.

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