Thursday, 18 November 2010


The Lord Mayor's splendid coach, escorted by pikemen of the Honourable Artillery Company, on the Lord Mayor's Show parade.  Past Nasterc Stephen Foakes is a leading member of this ancient organisation and marched immediaitely behind the coach.  Unfortunately he is out of sight in this picture.
Saturday was the Lord Mayor's Show, for more details of this lively parade through the streets of the City of London go to

As Master Draper I was not required to be in the show this year as involvement is shared out amongst the Great XII companies.  However I did take part in the Lord Mayor's Show Flotilla later in the afternoon; see next post.

Rosemary and I decided to make it a family outing to London to see the street parade.  Also the Hall was open during the day to allow the Freedom, Livery and those working for the Company to use as a base. Lunch was also laid on.  As the Hall is only a few hundred yards from the Mansion House it is in an ideal position to observe the start and finish of the parade.

Lunch was a great success.  Children were most welcome and it was great to see a rather younger crowd than normal in the Hall.  Also I am certain some future liveryen and freemen, and possibly a future Master, received their first introduction to the Company.

A great day that was both quite mild and more importantly entire free from rain.  At 2.30pm we were off to HMS President at St Katherine's Dock to take part in the flotilla: see next post.

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