Thursday, 23 September 2010


The Company has been Patrons of St Michael, Cornhill for just over half a millenium.  The present incumbent, since 1998, is Rev Peter Mullen.  For further details see

We recently discovered that his fortieth anniversary of ordination occurred this autumn.  It was decided to celebrate this auspicious event by holding a celebratory church service followed by a reception at Drapers' Hall.  The other livery companies associated with St Michael's, Cornhill - Merchant Taylors, Cutlers, Woolmen, Air Pilots and Navigators, Chartered Secretaries, Fuellers, and Water Conservators - also asked to be involved in, and generously contributed to, the evening's celebrations.

The first part of the evening was a splendid mass, which featured some of Peter's particular Mozartian favourites, beautifully sung.  At the conclusion of the service we then moved to Drapers' Hall.  There was a wide attendance of the livery companies involved and the congregation of St Michael's.

In a short speech during the reception with I took the liberty of  comparing Peter to Blessed John Henry Newman, of whom he is a great admirer.  I know he would be far too modest to want to do this in any way but I felt it was only right to point out that both are men determined faith.  It is also a certainty that determined faith will often result in uncomfortable situations and it is certainly a difficult personal path to follow.  But, and looking round those who had come to the service and the reception, it was clear to be such a protagonist in life’s spiritual struggle wins great admiration, respect and friendship.

An evening that was both spritual and enjoyable and brought the wider City community together.

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