Friday, 17 September 2010


Each September one of FODAH's (Friends of Drapers' AlmsHouses) activities is to organise an outing for the residents of the almshouses.  This is generously funded by the Company.  For some reason, although it takes place in September, it seems to have acquired the name of the Summer Outing. 
Junos and the Paycock. A peacock comes to meet the Edmonsons Close team while they wait for transport up to Leeds Castle.  I think it was entirely courteous curiosity on his part.  From left to right Mrs Margaret Beckford, Mrs Flo Lammas, Mrs Jessie Edmunds and Mrs Dot Quashie

Surveying the estate.  Ben Thompson-McCausland (right), who leads the FODAH group covering Walters Close, and myself on the restaurant open air deck with Leeds Castle in the background.
With thanks to Herry Lawford for the photograph

The normal pattern is to go to the seaside every alternate year with an inland destination between.  The only essential criterion is that it should be less than a two hour coach journey.  This year we decided to visit beautiful Leeds Castle near Maidstone in Kent.

On Wednesday some thirty residents, Mavia Wedderburn the Warden, myself and liverymen Bruce Hopking and Ben Thompson-McCausland boarded the coach at Edmonson's Close at 9.30.  We arrived at Leeds Castle around 11.00am and were met by Liverymen Herry Lawford, who leads the Edmonson's FODAH team, and Christopher Barker.

The day went very well.  There are four key ingredients to a good FODAH outing.  These are: a stress free journey, a really attractive and interesting place to visit, good value and pleasant restaurants and coffee opportunities and, finally, good weather.  All four were fully met.

As the afternoon drew to a close we set off back to Edmonsons we reflected on a most enjoyable day.  Next week it is a joint outing by Walters and Quen Elizabeth College to the same location.  I cannot make that outing but am certain it will be just an enjoyable.

My thanks to Lynda Lampshire at the Hall for the faultless organisation of the day and thanks to Mavia and the Drapers for supporting the outing, there was a degree of wheelchair work required so that all could appreciate the day. 

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