Thursday, 15 July 2010


At the Court Meeting yesterday I was unanimously (as the sole candidate!) elected as Master from midnight 20/21 July for the following year. It is a huge honour.

Before the election I had to inform the Court of the Secretary of State for Education's decision to halt work on the new buildings for Drapers' Academy for reconsideration as to whether it should go ahead. At this stage there is every possibility the project could be stopped. This would be a great tragedy especially as we were only eight weeks from financial close after two year's work.

Matters are moving fast. We have to submit responses to a hastily drafted questionnaire by Friday 16 July and we will be told what officials at the Department for Education think about our project around 28 July.

If the news is bad we will, as a Company, have to possibly make some big decisions in August as to what to do next. Not a good time when the Court is on holiday and our co-sponsors at Queen Mary, University of London are in the middle of their summer break.

Anyway, a difficult start to the new Company year. As I said to the Court, who were very supportive about our predicament, my year as Master can only get better from now on.

Now on to the Election and Dinner on Tuesday 20 July.

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