Friday, 30 July 2010


We were told on Thursday afternoon by our Project Lead in the Department for Education that Michael Gove and his ministers will not now come to a decision on our Academy new-build until Wednesday or Thursday of next week. This will be nearly a month after his announcement.

Also from what we can piece together the complexity of trying to cut back on major capital projects, some of which such as ours were weeks away from going live, is inevitably stirring up a hornets' nest of legal and other problems that the Department of Education seemingly failed to spot when it started the process.

I cannot yet reveal our possible strategies, principally because we do not know what the decision about our new-build will be. What we are quite clear about is that we have a contract with the Government - it is called a Funding Agreement - and it clearly says we will get new buildings.

Times are hard but to cut back on contracts just about to start is not the brightest idea, especially if the buildings that are going to be replaced are completely clapped out and particularly if a community has been promised new school buildings after years of putting up with second-rate ones.

This is turning into a real cliff-hanger. We plan to open on 7 September.

To be continued.

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