Thursday, 23 June 2011


My fellow Master Bloggers, Julia Adley of the Tobacco Pipe Makers and Tobacco Blenders and Jim Surguy the Master Marketor, see links below, both posted this lunch first and was most flattering about it.  I can add little but to provide a bit more background and mention further details of a race that took place at Royal Ascot while we were dining.

The luncheon following the month's Court meeting is one where we invite all the livery companies that have links in a number of ways with the Company most typically because it provides us an opportunity to reciprocate hospitality.

This year a total of forty-eight Companies were able to attend.  Of these five were companies from outside London, including our sister Draper Companies in Shrewsbury and Coventry, with the remainder being fellow London companies.

The luncheon comes at a time of the year when  the majority of the Masters have been on office between eight and ten months.  Acquaintanceships, and in many cases friendships, have been made.  As a consequence any event of this type with over a hundred attending is almost bound to be a success.  I think Thursday did not disappoint.

It was also Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot.  But on balance it was much more comfortable in the Hall as the day was rather sodden.  Towards the close of business at the Court meeting preceding Junior Warden William Charnley announced he was part owner of a horse running that day.  He went on to describe the merits of Pyman's Theory running in the 2.30 Norfolk Stakes and trained by Tom Dascombe.  He further went on to reassure us it was a firm favourite.  The Court collectively decided to support their Junior Warden's excellent judgement by placing bets.  Unfortunately news emerged after 2.30pm that the five furlongs of soggy going had proved too much even for a horse with a penchant for this type of race.  Pyman's Theory had been unplaced.

But it was such a good lunch that the slightly disappointing news was quickly forgotten.

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