Saturday, 9 April 2011


The crane is huge though dwarfed by the new Academy site.  The buildings themselves will cover an area of about threequarters of a hectare (let's call it an acre and a half!)  In the foreground the foundation slab of the new building can be seen.  This picture was taken in mid-March. 
This is such a good picture that I have copied it from the Drapers' Academy website.  It is of the huge crane that is now erected on site and will start to put the framework of the new buildings together like a Meccano set. 

Kier are now making very rapid progress and the good weather is certainly helping them keep up to schedule.  I am sure there will be a lot of interesting developments over the next few weeks. Also I must put on record that I am most impressed with the way that Kier are managing the site in a way that is almost completely unobtrusive to its neighbours.

For more information on the new-build and Drapers' Academy go to the website 

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