Friday, 4 February 2011


Dionne and Diggy in the Drawing Room
Followers of this blog will doubtless be excited to know that fifteen year old pop sensation Dionne Bromfield has recorded the video of her new song Yeah Right at the Hall with teen rapster Diggy Simmons. You may have come across Diggy in the MTV reality show Run House where he co-stars with his dad, veteran hip hop pioneer, 'Rev Run' Simmons.  Dionne has shot to fame as a protege of Amy Winehouse, who is her godmother.

I am not skillful enough to make a video link but there is a slightly breathless video of Dionne and Diggy making the Yeah Right video in the Hall.  Go to and follow links to the 'behind the scenes' video.  Charmingly Dionne says the Hall would be the sort of place she would like to live.

Drapers will, I am sure, watch the progress of this new release with interest.


  1. I think the link needs checking. This may work better–-“yeah-right”-behind-the-scenes-video/

  2. Herry,

    Thankyou. Now amended. The original link worked on first test but clearly it has moved from www.iluluonline to www.soulculture for quite unfathomable reasons. It's a rapidly changing existence out there in Soulmusicland.

    I am also asked to point out that Dionne is no relation to Freeman Jeremy Bromfield MBE, who as, was mentioned in a post in December, is both now leading a new St John Ambulance unit sponsored by the Company on Harold Hill and also writing a new Bancroft's School History ready for the school's 275th anniversary. I am given to understand he is no great fan of this type of music.