Tuesday, 7 December 2010


For the past four months or so a lot of work has gone on to overhaul our website.  From Monday it is on-line.

The first Company website was set up ten years ago.  Since then there has been a huge improvement in technology and the way in which content can be made much more responsive to user needs. I think the new website certainly is a major step forward.

You may have reached this blog through the Drapers' website but if not give http://www.thedrapers.co.uk/ a visit.  Try the video tour of the Hall and the imaginative video that shows the Livery Hall being prepared for a major dinner.

My thanks to Priya Ponnaiyah, who, slightly outside her normal responsibilities as Company Secretary, led the change team and to other members of the Company who have contributed a wide range of material for the new site .

1 comment:

  1. Good work, Priya. It's looks very smart and it's far easier to navigate and find information on than the old one.