Sunday, 10 October 2010


The Goldsmiths' Fair takes over Goldsmiths' Hall for two weeks at this time of the year. Over a hundred and fifty makers from around the country, set up stalls in the Hall to present their latest collections.

Rosemary and I, along with Alastair Ross and his wife Judy, were invited by Michael Galsworthy, the Goldsmith's Prime Warden, on Wednesday to a reception and a chance to view the Fair.  The Fair is open to the public and for the fortnight the jewelry and other objects in gold, silver, platinum and precious and semi-precious stones quite eclipse the grandeur of the Hall.

The Goldsmiths' Company plays a major role in the trade today.  For further details, including the fascinating story of our national hallmarking system - still a major responsibility of the Company, see   It is also impressive to see the way the Company encourages really imaginative design and superlative craftsmanship.   Also the support of the Goldsmiths' company allows, in relative terms of course, prices to be sustained at a reasonable level.

The publicity for the Fair says what is on offer is irresistible, for once the publicity is quite right.  Make a note to go next year. Oh, and if you are wondering, we did buy something.

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